Character creation rules

Character creation is handled by rolling dice. You roll 3 sets of stats, 4d6 drop lowest per stat. (6 rolls total per set). This will give you 3 options to chose between for your starting abilities. I would prefer you roll them in person so I can see what’s going on, (and it’s more fun that way).

Characters start at level 2, and also start with 2 traits.

You may pull almost anything from the Paizo PRD website, but I do need to ‘see’ everything. If you think something is particularly ‘powerful or broken’ make sure to bring it even more to my attention. (Including things you plan on taking later that seem broken). I ask this as I don’t want to have to alter something later if it is flat out broken, (or because I ‘define’ it differently then you did so it didn’t do what you expected). In general I doubt I’d need to do that but there have been times in the past that warranted it.

Things from the race guide automatically need to be looked at due to power level variations of the different races.

Characters all start as one of the Bitten. Up to you how and when it happened. (To far back though causes issues as it’s a progressive disease that gets worse and worse even with cure disease spell being used).

Each person starts with 1000 gold. NOTE: The Economy section is important for initial purchases.

Also Important: Changes to Pathfinder System

Character creation rules

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