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It’s been 20 years since the start of the Outbreak. Twenty years since the beginning of the end. At least according to the church of Anthogos. No-one can refute that everything changed on that day… the day the plague almost wiped out the world.

Before the Outbreak, the World was nothing like it is now. There use to be massive countries supported by mighty farming towns spanning hundreds of miles… a far cry from the overly packed metropolises hiding behind their massive walls. Each city-state a nation of their own. Their own laws, their own rules… their own problems. Each separated by miles of hostile terrain littered with the corpses of the dead. If only they would stay dead.

Not to say things were completely happy back then. There were wars and strife’s. There were famines and disease, but nothing like the Outbreak. So how did it happen? How did the Outbreak almost wipe everything out? How did a simple disease cause so much damage?

Well… it wasn’t a simple disease. It was something far more sinister, for it was Undeath, and when it hit, it hit hard. It hit fast. And it couldn’t be cured. The first towns were over-run within hours. With only the barest few survivors making it out. Survivors that we wish hadn’t made it. For though they survived, they were now carriers. They were the Bitten.

Now, they didn’t infect people right away. In fact it took several days for them to turn. For them to die and come back. Several days of them moving from town to town, dispersing themselves among the populous. A populous that was already piling in from outlying towns due to the Outbreak raging across the country-side.

So when the first Bitten died and came back, the city fell in just two hours. The disease worked fast. Within seconds of a person being bit, they turned and rampaged across the town. The people tried to escape but their protective walls trapped them there. The only way out was via the train. The train to the rest of the country. The train that ruined everything.

You see, at this point the Outbreak was localized to one side of one country, and people hadn’t realized yet what being one of the Bitten meant. So these people got out, and among them, Nine were Bitten. The Nine who brought the plague to every corner of the world. The Nine that killed everyone.

But that’s a story for another time.

This is the introduction to my post zombie apocalypse campaign called Requiem. It’s been 20 years since the Outbreak, and you are all one of the Bitten. Being a Bitten is no longer a death sentence, (in the city-state of Aldriec at least), but you do forfeit pretty much all of your freedoms and rights. Upon being Bitten the person is immediately turned over to the watch, (resistance usually punishable by death), who turn you over to the Watchers. At that point you are branded somewhere on your faces as a Bitten, and exiled from the city. (For the cities protection and yours).

A Bitten may not enter the city without a Patron, and even then only under high guard. Yet the city does have needs. Needs that being one of the Bitten can provide. The Bitten are exiled to outposts beyond the city walls, and tasked to explore the surrounding countryside for things the city needs. Things the city can no longer produce. In exchange for these supplies the city provides protection, and a constant supply of remove disease. (If you meet your quota). The remove disease is only a temporary fix… and the Bitten need it quite often.

There is a rumor, faint and distant, about a cure. But it’s only a rumor, and no matter what it is, it won’t come easily.

Note: This campaign is a dis-topic setting and is kinda grim. It’s about both survival and rebuilding and even thriving. Perhaps even saving. Or it’s about destruction, greed, pride and madness. The story in the end will be yours. What you do could change everything… for better or worse.

Character creation rules

Main Page

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