The price of food currently costs 10x what is listed. This includes live-stock and other such things.

On the Goods and services table at the PRD website also has price changes listed below.

Armor and Weapons Price standard.

Alchemical items: Price standard.

Adventuring gear: Price x2

Tools and Skill Kits: Price x2

Mounts and Related gear: Price x10 for the animals, feed, and lodging. x2 for anything else.

Clothing Section: Price x2

Food Drink and Lodging: Price x10, (due to to congestion. This is assuming a shared room of 4 people, each paying separately)

Rare materials As in mithrael, adamantine, ectra: standard* depending on rarity at the moment.

Services section, (like a messenger), Price x5

Spellcasting services: Price Unchanged, depending on demand.

If you wish to ignore some of the price of living minor purchases, you may use the cost of living rules in the game mastering section of the prd (you’ll need to scroll down). Prices listed are at 5x, and is assuming you live in more cramped conditions than listed. This price is mostly for housing, the gold amount listed that one can ignore in random purchases does not change.

Magic Items

Due to market supply and demand, the cost of remove disease scrolls or potions is 2×. This is actually to the base price also, as the regents needed to make this cheaply have been exhausted, and people are starting to use less efficient materials for these recipes.

Bags of holding or extra dimensional spaces, cost 2×.

Food sustaining items, (rings of sustenance, bowls that create food, ect) Cost x5. (Magical regents needed to make them extremely scarce so alternate materials are needed)

Everything else standard. (as of now)

Non Character related

Note: The base coin is actually silver, with a minted silver coin called a Dolin worth 10 silver (or 1 gold), and another coin called a Fa-Dolin, worth 100 silver (or 10 gold). Prices are listed in ‘gold’ but most trade is done in these specialized coins. There is also a minted coin called Sol-Dolin, worth 1000 silver (or 100 gold). All of these coins use magic, rare metals, and templates to try and prevent counter-fitting, (and also increasing the inherent value of the coin itself)

There are a few major changes that don’t affect characters directly. For one, it is assumed that anyone doing a job eventually gets a skill point in that job. Their base income is thus 1/2 their skill check per week in gold. (As per profession). People who don’t have points in the skill can still roll at a -5, and can’t take 10.

So the very basic laborer, unless they are brand new, will get about 7 gold a week, 10-12 if they put in more hours beyond the base 40. This may not seem like much, but it is far far higher than what they are listed as getting in base pathfinder.

This is more of a reference for how much a person can and does make, and the base value of the gold pushed into the economy.


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