Acquired Template.

You have been bitten by some form of Undead that had the Advanced Zombie-Rot disease. Somehow you survived the initial bite, but you are still infected, and constantly having to worry about your survival as the infection progresses.

Social conditions for the ‘Bitten’ changes depending on the city-state one is located in.

Stats: Unchanged.

Immune: Advanced Zombie-Rot.

Chance of being ignored by undead increased. (Usually in the form of the distance that an undead will agro you).

Chance of your actions causing zombies to gain the rampage condition lowered.

Character has contracted Zombie Rot (initial dc 14). It cannot be cured by normal means. Unknown if cure exists at all. Chance per infection cycle of disease getting worse.

Gains Zombie-Rot carrier. 50% chance of giving someone you bit the standard Zombie-Rot. That person also has a 50% chance at that point of becoming a Bitten from this bite. Bites are not the only way of transmitting, but is the main. DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha mod


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